Interactive and Optimal Configuration of Cyber Physical System Product Lines


Nowadays, Cyber Physical Systems (CPSs) are everywhere in our daily life from video conferencing systems, subsea oil and gas production systems to aircrafts. These systems are mostly developed by reusing existing system design, instead from the scratch, for the purpose of reducing development cost and improving product quality. Systematically doing so follows into the research stream of product line engineering. Configuring large-scale CPS product lines requires a systematic, interactive and maximally automated methodology (with tool support). The goal of the Zen-Configurator project is to increase the efficiency and effectiveness, and thereby reduce the cost, of configuring large-scale CPS product lines at different phases of the development lifecycle of such systems (e.g., pre-deployment, post-deployment and runtime operation phases). To achieve this goal, we maximally automate error-prone and costly manual configuration activities and optimally assist the interactive configuration process. On one hand, the project relies on advanced technologies of constraint solving/evaluation, optimization using search algorithms, and propose state-of-art algorithms to enable automated configuration activities. On the other hand, the project grounds itself to address real challenges faced by industry and propose a practical and applicable solution and apply it to solve real-world problems. In the context of the project, we have developed a methodology with tool support to address pre-deployment phase configuration of CPSs. In the rest of the project, we aim for covering the post-deployment and runtime configuration of CPSs.


Research Council of Norway


Simula Research Laboratory


Simula: Tao Yue (PI) and Shaukat Ali (Co-PI)