U-RUCM: Specifying Uncertainty in Use Case Models


U-RUCM is an extension to RUCM for the purpose of structuring and specifying uncertainties in use case models. U-RUCM newly introduced two templates for specifying Belief Use Case Specifications (BUCS) and uncertainties. A BUCS annotates the UCS with uncertainty information, including the source of uncertainty, the degree (measurement) of uncertainty, the risk of uncertainty, etc., as perceived by stakeholders and based on available evidence. Such models can be automatically generated as instances of a formal U-RUCM metamodel.


Tool Support

    We illustrate U-RUCM using a modified version of the SafeHome case study provided in Software Engineering: A Practitioner's Approach. The SafeHome system implements various security and safety features in smart homes, including intrusion detection, fire detection , and flooding. One of the key functionalities of the system is that a homeowner activates the monitoring function of the system, which continuously checks for intrusions until it is explicitly disabled. During monitoring, any occurrence of an intrusion should be detected, immediately followed by sending an intrusion notification to the homeowner and the activation of an alarm. The corresponding use case for this example, named Monitor Windows and Doors.